Before you buy

Things to consider when buying an electric bike (ebike)

Buy local

  • everyBody eBikes/Blind Freddy Electric Bikes has been operating for over 15 years
  • Our team has experience designing, importing, selling and maintaining e-bikes
  • We specialise in offering common-sense guidance
  • We can service bikes sold from our store and stock parts to improve turnarounds
  • Richard is a qualified, practicing electrical engineer (BElecEng UNSW)
  • We can service & repair non-BF eBikes, at our discretion
  • We have a well-stocked workshop to keep your bike on the road longer, even when accidents happen
  • We act as the intermediary to warranty claims ourselves if they arise and act as the liaison with the distributor if the bike is not a Blind Freddy Electric Bikes (BF eBikes) brand

Avoid costly mistakes

  • Test ride our bikes to make sure the fit is comfortable for you
  • Ask about reliability of the design and components. We source only genuine battery cells and carry replacement batteries and chargers for when they reach end of life
  • Technical support and availability of spares for the brands we carry mean you are only a phone call or visit away from help
  • We can test batteries before you commit to a second-hand purchase (charged item)
  • We can generate a report to help you sell your bike before an upgrade

Consider all your options within reasonable price brackets. Sometimes it is better to buy a lower-spec’d but reliable new bike than risking a second-hand lemon.

Always check your bike meets current legal requirements for

  • Road safety (pedelec bikes)
  • Electrical safety (mandatory compliance for chargers)
  • Limitations for use of e-scooters