Rollersafe Smart Brake

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Australian exclusive! Newly appointed distributor for Scandinavian Rollersafe Smart brake

Available for custom-fitting now (Price $2800 incl GST for package options not individual components)

SMART BRAKE controllers are all wireless, and adjustable to most user needs. Requires limited hand force, and activates brake and parking in ONE click! 


The braking unit is connected with the rim or disc caliper brakes, and receives signals from the wireless controllers.
The signals control the motor thereby hydraulically activating the brakes.

One of the major advantages of this system is that it allows a carer to remotely operate the braking of a bike or trike. The remote can be used up to 30m away and can easily be carried and activated. The carer can activate the brake while walking or riding alongside the individual. Suitable for riders who have behavioural or intellectual difficulties understanding instructions and safe practices.

• Multipurpose across sports, mobility and other applications
• Delivered fully bled and ready to mount
• Kit includes Tektro Auriga disc calipers or Magura rim brakes. Other
calipers can be used
• Easy and fast mounting, 5-10 min
• Up to eight brake units connect with one or multiple remotes
• LED braking lights
• One button
• USB charger
• Est. 4 000 brake cycles on one charge


Brake trigger

• Brake and park with your fingertip!
• Compact unit, enables for 2 brake controllers on
same side of bike handlebar
• Fits any hand size and force, from kids to elderly
• Active & parking brake in one
• Soft and “seamless” brake force adjustment

Hand control

• Companion control with 20-30m reach
• Buttons for active brake and parking
• Fits your pocket and has a neck strap
• Mounting dock on handlebar

Brake lever

• Soft lever, <10% hand force needed
• Active and parking brake in one
• Universal; For both left and right side
• Adjustable to different hand sizes

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