One of our recent sit-down trike converts

Case Study - Sit-down semi-recumbent tricycle for Tania

Living with back pain

Tania called us in 2022 to discuss her specific needs for a tricycle which would enable her to ride without exacerbating her significant back pain. Being based in regional NSW and formerly a very active person, she could see her social network shrinking as her injuries prevented her from doing the activities which framed her life. Tania wanted to investigate if she could get an electric trike funded through the NDIS.

Supportive and comfortable

We were heading south and arranged to meet and Tania was amazed at how safe and comfortable she felt while riding the sit-down electric semi-recumbent tricycle - the Trident. Having tried an upright, traditional trike, she knew this was different from the moment she sat on this sit-down trike and lent against the full back support.

Modifications, adaptations and customisations

Some adjustments were needed of course to get the backrest angle right for her individual needs, but even in the trial, Tania felt the wind in her hair and laughed at the possibilities this could offer.

Life-changing assistive technology

After a reasonably challenging 6 months and further justification from ourselves and her OT, the NDIS have now agreed to fund this life-changing piece of assistive technology for Tania. Hurray! NDIS is now funding a range of electric tricycles under the Assistive Technology capital costs plan.

Reduced social isolation and improved meaningful participation

No longer will she be the one left behind when her partner, friends and former sports mate go walking, running or riding. She will now be able to join them, enjoy being out riding, enjoy expanding her neighbourhood and feel once again connected to her community. We are thrilled to be able to help Tania feel fulfilled again.

Thank you for selecting everybody eBikes and our Trident semi-recumbent tricycle.