Making Your Heart Sing! Owning an Electric Bike Shop

Making Your Heart Sing!

Who would have thought that owning an electric bike shop would be so fulfilling. Yes, I know that the hours are long and sometimes we feel we don’t have much else to talk about besides ebikes, but overall, our days are filled with encounters with extraordinary people wishing to consider ebikes or tricycles to help change their lives.

We have one customer who pops in regularly as they progress through their rehab program to see if their pesky knees following total knee replacement operations will allow them to turn the cranks fully and without pain. Each time they come in, the process involves more laughter and happiness as their progress is palpable. Of course we take care that they don’t overdo the test and we all stay safe and comfortable, but the progress is measurable and always positive. A rewarding way to start any day.

Another customer has been a regular ebike rider for many years. They have progressed through the budget continuum starting with an entry level hub-drive ebike and now owning a gorgeous mid-drive with all the trimmings. Sometimes they come in simply to tell us again how much they love their bike. Other times to share how well the bike performed on a trial or a circuit or a local steep hill. Lovely to hear their news and again share with their progression as a rider.

Recently one of our customers shared with us that they had never before seen their child ride a bike. Now in their 30s, the rider is living with special needs but full of personality and energy and definitely with a twinkle in their eye when they thought they would be able to beat Richard in a race around the block! Many tears were shed that day and we look forward to some photos now the bike has been customised fully and is back home on their property.

Often, though, people walk in and quietly share that they haven’t ridden a bike since they were young, find walking too much of a challenge (and too slow) but quickly share that they are simply too young still to contemplate the mobility scooter way of life. Do we have anything to help them remain independent but still with some fun in their life? And all without any lycra?

Of course we do! We take it slowly, test the limitations to refine the choices, talk about goals, local bikeways and ideas for initial rides and usually find something which fits the bill. We look at options for supporting the individual both physically and emotionally on the journey back to riding and we hope that in most cases we have a bit of fun along the way. So many times we need to talk about relaxing the hands and shoulders and trusting in muscle memory or the quality of the electric bike equipment to help them ride again. Other times, it is the handy hints and tips we share which make the reconnection with using a bike an easier process. We don’t judge, push too fast or too quickly and realise that sometimes it will take more than one go to find the right bike for the individual.

It may not be an electric bike which walks out the door each time, maybe an electric bike fitted with adult stabilisers or an electric tricycle but nearly every time it is a smile and a sense of hope and renewed enthusiasm for the great outdoors which leaves our store.

Thank you to our ebike customers who make our hearts sing!