Electric Cargo Bike Review – Tern HSD P9 performance

I got an eBike earlier this year after doing some reading and turning up to EveryBody eBikes for a sticky beak. Andrea is really lovely and made me feel like she really understood my needs. I ended up deciding on the newly released Tern HSD P9 Performance eBike, and I absolutely love it.  Before getting anContinue reading “Electric Cargo Bike Review – Tern HSD P9 performance”

Customised eBike Brings Freedom to the Life of a Below-Knee Amputee – “Thank you EveryBody eBikes!”

A lonely, back road in the Whitsundays, 4 am, a motorbike and a wallaby. This combination could’ve proved deadly but although Ashley Pattemore laid on the road for nearly 2 hours waiting for help, he was a lucky one. With a right below-knee amputation and accompanying prosthetic, Ashley now lives with the constant reminder ofContinue reading “Customised eBike Brings Freedom to the Life of a Below-Knee Amputee – “Thank you EveryBody eBikes!””


Many of our customers ask about variations in eBike prices and we often use the expression “You get what you pay for”! Although this adage covers many different products you can buy, it is definitely the case with electric bikes. As mentioned in the media recently, the price of products coming in from overseas toContinue reading “WHY ARE ELECTRIC BIKES SO EXPENSIVE?”

Which electric cargo bike suits me best?

There are 2 main types of electric cargo bikes – either the ones where the additional cargo or passengers sit behind the rider or the ones which carry the passengers or load up front. They are referred to as “long– or short-tail cargo bikes” or “front-loader or front-box cargo bikes” respectively. Which style suits youContinue reading “Which electric cargo bike suits me best?”