Remote-control Power Cut-Out

At EveryBody eBikes we have developed a custom module which can be fitted to any electric bicycle or tricycle to quickly and easily control the availability of the electric motor power.

Limited to distances of up to 20+ metres, this modification is ideal for younger riders or for riders who may not always make the right choices around power and speed.

The assembly, which is a unique design of EveryBody eBikes alone, has an easy to see light indicator which confirms if the electric motor is engaged or disengaged. A remote-control pendant can be used to change that state from distances up to 20+m without touching the bike.

Many of our families who rely on the ebike features to manage fatigue, strength, endurance or other physical limitations prefer to have this backup to ensure they are able to manage the use of the power when needs arise.

This is not always to cut the power to slow a rider down. Many families use it to engage the motor when the rider is pedalling to make it easier for them to manage hills or rougher surfaces such as grass.

This innovation, fitted to the ebike or trike is easy to use, low cost and can be retro-fitted to any bike.

Call us to discuss and we will happily demonstrate this innovation to you, whether in person or via a video call.