Rehatri 16 Inch tricycle hand & foot

Rehatri 16 Inch tricycle hand & foot


Rehatri special needs tricycle with 16" wheels and hand and foot propulsion.

Designed for an upright ride and fitted with a torso support to assist in balance and ride position

This sturdy mechanical tricycle is only supplied fully assembled for our customers. We do not ship as an unassembled box and can customise any build to suit your specific needs


  • Aluminium frame with 16" front and 12" rear wheels
  • Adjustable seat
  • Hand and foot pedals
  • Seat belt
  • Locking brake on rear wheel


Brand Rehatri
Frame material Aluminium
Wheel size 16" front 12" rear
Rim Alloy
Tyres 16" / 12"
Gearing None
Front brakes None
Rear brakes None
Parking Locking brake
Front suspension Rigid
Rear suspension Rigid



Weight including battery NA
Weight excluding battery 10kg
Shipping weight 12kg
Maximum load 20kg

On bike accessories included

  • Seat belt

Packaged accessories included

  • None

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