At EveryBody eBikes we offer a range of customisation options to our clients. This may include significant changes to the body of the bike or tricycle or changing the pedals to suit the individual.

We have a range of pedals available and can interchange the setup to suit the rider. 

Standard metal or plastic pedalSuitable for riders who are able to independently position and retain their feet on the pedals when riding
Folding pedalSuitable for riders who have limited space when storing or transporting their equipment
Broad strap pedalSuitable for the larger foot or when riding with AFOs. The silicon strap helps retain correct foot position and the broad base stabilises the foot placement
Narrow strap pedalsSuitable for riders who need some support to position and retain foot placement when riding and who will benefit from uplift support from the strap
Adjustable metal pedal with heel-cup and Velcro strapsDesigned for riders whose feet may change orientation when riding and who need support to prevent the foot from moving out of position when riding
Toeclip and heel-cup pedalsWorks well for riders who need to capture their front and rear position and retain that position throughout the pedalling motion
“Moonboot” pedalSuited to riders who require additional support in the ankle region and may be wearing AFOs.

Our range is always expanding as we seek individualised solutions which are transferable to others living with similar conditions.

We can also adapt pedals from other bikes or transfer pedals which have already been customised from a previous bike to your new model. We stock a range of adapters to make this easy and quick.

Check out our range in more detail here