Handle Bars

The position of the ride is critical to ensuring the rider is comfortable, feels safe and secure and is able to utilise the controls appropriately at all times. We stock a wide range of handlebars at EveryBody eBikes and can mix and match different models to meet the requirements of each rider or their attendant.

Flat handlebarsFlat handlebars have the rider in a slightly prone forward position with the arms outstretched in front.
Suitable for riders used to riding two-wheeled road bikes and uncomfortable with the bars too close to the body
High rise handlebarsIdeal to offer uplift to the rider who prefers a more upright riding position. Also useful to rotate towards the body without reducing the reach length too greatly
Suitable to modify smaller bikes for younger riders or to offer a higher ride position
High rise and sweep handlebarsMost often fitted to tricycles, these bars offer a comfort ride position for those sitting very upright and who wish to reduce the reach length of their arms
Suitable for riders who prefer comfort and leisure riding or of small stature
T-bar adjustable handlebarsVery adjustable with a standard ride position which is quite flat but with plenty of options for handlebar height and angle towards the body
Often fitted to special needs tricycles to offer great growth potential and versatility
Foam covered loop handlebarsEasy to fit and very adjustable, these loop handlebars are designed to offer a limitless range of hand positions when riding.
Most often used on special needs tricycles especially where the rider is not using the steering or braking controls. 
Offers reduced fatigue by permitting range of positions to hold bar
Foam covered for comfort and safety

Many of our bikes are configured with handlebars which are changed from the original design. This enables the rider to select a bar which suits their ride position, style, type of riding and purpose.  Check out our range here>