Electric Conversions

There are some significant benefits to adding an electric motor to a bike. This often centres around making is easier, more sustainable and lower-risk for you and your carers to utilise your bike on a regular basis.

Many families, as their child with special needs grows and gets heavier, simply find it too hard to push especially up hills and across rough surfaces such as grass. The bike or trike sits in a corner unused, with the rider frustrated and the carer worried about getting an injury

Retro-fitting an electric motor to a bike or trike which still fits is an ideal way to make it safer, easier to use and better suited to riders with a disability. Remember, the motor doesn’t work unless the pedals are turning and the person with the power control can determine the level of assistance required at any point in time. The controls are used to adjust the power level to suit the terrain, the surface, the level of fatigue of the rider and the urgency of the activity. Flexibility is key and having access to the electric motor provides a level of security so it can be used when it is needed and to the degree it is necessary.

At EveryBody eBikes, we can custom fit a range of solutions using the EN15194 standards for pedelec electric bikes. This range can include:

  • Fitting an electric conversion to an existing 2-wheel bike
  • Converting an existing mechanical trike to an electric trike or semi-recumbent or hand-cycle
  • Offering a range of additional modifications which use the electric motor such as therapy mode, walking throttle, remote control power cut outs and remote braking