Crank Modifications

It brings us great joy to have riders use our bikes to recover from illness or operations. Very commonly, this may include changing the cranks on the bike to make it easier to pedal to accommodate their impairment or to support them through their rehabilitation.

Crank modifications are critical to getting riders using a bike as part of their exercise regime and is often strongly recommended by their treating physiotherapist or doctor.

Colleen on her Orange Rocket fitted with super-short cranks

We offer a range of options for riders from shortened cranks to adjustable cranks which can be used in isolation or in combination with modified pedals to improve ability to rotate the cranks and to retain good foot placement when pedaling.

Why is this important? For some riders following knee or hip replacement surgery, they are advised to cycle on either a stationary bike or a moving bike, but they are unable to rotate the pedals simply due to stiffness, scaring or low muscle tone.

We offer permanently shorter cranks or the ability to extend the crank length as you rehabilitate. Just ask for some advice, test the range we always have in stock of both cranks and pedals, and see what works best for you!