Trekking / Mountain Electric Bikes

Trekking / Mountain Electric Bikes

Trekking or mountain electric bikes typically come with wider, chunkier tyres and less of the urban or commute features like mudguards.

Sometimes referred to as hybrid, the trekking models we stock cross over between the commuter world and getting out on trails and less smooth path surfaces.  Where grip and performance out-rate keeping your clothes clean, these models certainly offer a more rugged look.

We can offer accessories such as crud-catchers to reduce the amount of debris that can be thrown up behind you if you prefer the no-rack, no-mudguard styling offered by trekking or mountain electric bikes.

We offer a limited range of hard-tail models in store, but can also secure dual suspension electric bikes upon request. Talk to us and we can provide advice and guidance to help your decision and if a full dual suspension is out of your budget, there are ways and means to make your ride more comfortable.

Trekking / Mountain Electric Bikes

Trekking & Mountain Bike FAQs

What is a trekking electric bike?

Trekking electric bikes tend to have wider and more knobbly tyres to accommodate rougher and looser surface materials

What is an electric mountain bike?

The mountain ebikes we sell have front suspension, knobby tyres and tend not to be fitted with mudguards

Can I ride an electric bike on a rail trail?

We have riders who have successfully tackled a range of rail trails on even commuter or folding ebikes. Having a trekking or mountain ebike is not essential but carrying suitable equipment for puncture repair or similar is recommended

Why do you not have many mountain ebike options on your website?

We only carry a limited range due to customer demand. If more people ask us for electric mountain/trekking bikes, we will extend our range to meet that demand

Why are trekking/mountain ebikes more expensive

Electric bikes for trekking or mountain biking tend to have the top range suspension forks, hydraulic disc brakes and gearing to meet the demands of a more challenging environment. These high quality components are generally more expensive. All our trekking and mountain ebikes have mid-drive motors to meet the needs of the rider and this is a more expensive option than the usually less expensive hub-drive design