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Is it possible to ride one of the Lekker ebikes at your store?

Blind Freddy Electric Bikes builds up the Lekker ebikes which we sell. We test them, check them and ride them first and then we invite our customers to test ride. Buying an ebike by checking specifications alone simply does not tell the whole story and riding a Lekker is a unique part of the sales experience.

We do ask, of course, that you make it clear if there is any reason why you shouldn’t ride unassisted and we cannot take any responsibility for you while you are trialling any of our range. And of course, the bikes remain our property at all times so please take care and ride safely. If in doubt, please stop and get off the bike!

Who builds the Lekker bikes sold at Blind Freddy Electric Bikes?

We have a team of trained bike mechanics, some specialise in the mechanical side and others in the electrical system. They are responsible for assembling, checking and test riding every bike we sell. Rest assured that a bike purchased from Blind Freddy Electric Bikes is not delivered to you in a box unless you specifically want it shipped after we have test ridden it!

Which models sell the best in Brisbane based on recent experience?

We have been selling Lekker ebikes throughout most of 2020. The best sellers have been the Lekker OutBack and the Lekker e-Jordaan from the step-through range and the Lekker Amsterdam GT with the belt drive option for the commute style. But we seem to sell out of every one of the range and are always trying to source more for our wait-list customers.

Is it possible to customise the configuration of the electric bike when it is purchased at Blind Freddy Electric Bikes?

Most of the Lekker ebikes can be configured with Lekker genuine options or by our in-house team. Whether you want to select a particular combination from battery size, frame size, chain/belt and rack setup, we can mix and match all that Lekker offers. When it comes to accessories though, we have sourced gorgeous bells, bags, baskets and other bling from around the world and often our customers use these additions to individualise their ride. Personally, we do love European styling and have an extensive range of Basil bike bags and baskets which suit the Lekker range beautifully.

We can even customise your bike to suit your preferred accessories if required. Recently, we made modifications to enable our customer to ride with both rear basket and panniers. We customise for many of our riders and can certainly offer suggestions if you have specific requirements.

Does Blind Freddy Electric Bikes sell the mechanical bikes as well as the ebikes?

We are always willing to order bikes for our customers. Mostly, we have only the ebike available in store but sometimes we also stock a mechanical equivalent especially if the ebikes are often out of stock. This usually includes the Jordaan range and the Amsterdam model. If you have a specific bike you want to buy, just ask and we can offer suggestions so you can trial before you make your purchase.

How do you decide which of the range is best for you?

Sometimes we think you don’t! Budget of course plays a part. And for those who like to do extensive research, the spec sheet will inform and fine tune the options. But we stress that riding the bike is the best way to work out which one suits you. You don’t have to ride very far to know if the geometry and function matches your needs.

With Lekker ebikes, how do I tell which size fits me?

We have an experienced bike fitter who can size you up for any of our range, including the Lekker ebikes. The Amsterdams come in at least two frame sizes. Most of the step-throughs are only available in 1 size but have quick release mechanisms to change seat height and handlebar position. There are other things we can do to customise the fit using the genuine parts of the bike or customising the bike with extensions or modifications. But as we said before, come and ride if you can and we can help you tell which size fits you best.

Why buy Lekker from BFeBikes?

We fell in love with the Lekker brand and committed to stock their range of ebikes in our bricks and mortar store so you can come and try them. This costs us a lot more than an online store but we believe this has huge value to you, the customer. You can touch and feel the beautiful bikes and see which one fits you best. We have our trained mechanics assemble and test the bikes before they go into the shop, we offer a free check-up and tune within 8-12 weeks and we have an excellent reputation for after-sales service.

We wholeheartedly believe these tangible benefits contribute to making your purchase of a Lekker ebike more enjoyable, with less risk and most importantly immediate! Where possible, we sell off the floor and you can take home your bike that day.

All for the same price as getting it delivered to your house in a carton. Why wouldn’t you buy from us?