Folding electric bikes

Folding electric bikes

Folding Electric Bikes Australia 

Blind Freddy e-Bikes offers a range of folding electric bikes, tricycles and even the popular 2+2 option which fits somewhere in between these 2.

Our signature BF i-Ezi folding electric bike is easy to mount 16" wheel bike which makes many of our customers smile for the fun of the ride, renowned for having a unique folding mechanism which delivers a tiny folded footprint, excellent for storage and travelling. Its weight also means the 250W motor offers fantastic performance and this little electric bike can get you up some seriously steep hills as the torque is great.

Being so light and easy to roll when partially folded, it takes the hard work out of lifting when moving around your home, your camp or the transport system. 

But we also stock folding electric bikes with 20" wheels for those who prefer a larger wheel. The BF Ezi-Step folding electric bike is one of our most versatile models, suiting riders from approx 8 years old to 80+ years!. It is so easy to mount/dismount and whether you choose to add the quick-release stabilisers for balance (2+2) or not, it is a comfortable and easy ride with great performance. The folding mechanism means it can easily fit into most cars if transporting in or out of vehicles is a regular occurrence.

The Di Blasi folding electric tricycle also has 20" wheels and its unique folding mechanism provides a unique and unmatchable option for those who need the stability of a full trike but are not able to navigate, store or transport a fixed frame tricycle.

Check out our range of electric folding bikes below, they’re unique amongst our peers.

Folding electric bikes

Folding Electric Bikes FAQ

What are the most important features of a folding electric bike?

Most people buy a folding bike for convenience, whether that is storage at home, while on the move or at work. A folding electric bike is no different. You want the bike footprint to be manageable, the weight of the bike to be easily lifted and the ride performance fit for purpose.

For these reasons, I would say that footprint, weight and performance are the most important features of a folding electric bike.

What sizes of folding electric bike do you sell?

We stock folding bikes in 2 main sizesL 20" wheel and 16" wheel.
We have one model with the 16" wheel, the hugely popular BF i-Ezi, which has one of the smallest footprints of an electric folding bike on the market.
In the 20" wheel range, we have the BF ezi-Step which has a low step-through for those wanting ease of mount/dismount and a more traditional styling and the e-Lectron which has a 3" fat tyre on the 20" wheel, making it our largest format folding electric bike.

How much do your folding electric bikes weigh?

The BF i-Ezi weighs just over 18kg with battery and 16kg with the battery removed.
The BF ezi-Step weighs 19.5kg with the battery and 17.5kg with the battery removed. This weight is when it is ridden as a two-wheeler. In the 2+2 configuration, it is heavier accounting for the mounting plates and adult stabilisers.
The e-Lectron is a heavier bike with its fat tyres and larger frame. It weighs 24kg

Do your bikes come in different colours?

Our BF i-Ezi folding bike is available currently in red, blue, grey and white. Our stock changes with each delivery and we do try to modify the colour range each time while maintaining favourites
The BF ezi-Step comes in three colour choices: classic navy with silver decal, pale aqua with navy decal and bright orange with navy to brighten your day!
The e-Electron folding electric bike comes in matt black only
The Di Blasi folding tricycle comes in blue, red or grey

How do I tell which folding electric bike is the right one for me?

We strongly recommend, if possible, for you to try ou bike range to see which model suits your size, frame, riding style and your intended purpose.
If you can visit the store, we are happy to let you ride our bikes in a range of conditions or over different surfaces/slopes to better assess its suitability for your goals.
Swe strive to make ebikes available for everybody and that includes folding electric bike and we do believe that your body will tell you which one suits you best.
If not, use a checklist of your key requirements from the folding ebike and compare this to the specifications. We do suggest though that wheel size is not a requirement unless you have eliminated smaller and larger wheels for a transport or fit reason.

Tell me about the BF i-Ezi, why is a tri-fold system a good idea?

The BF i-Ezi has been sold into Australia for nearly half a decade. Te primary reason for its popularity is the size of the bike when it is folded. It can fit between furniture inside a campervan, under a desk at the office and in the luggage compartment on a train. Easily lifted into a small boot of nearly any car making it our most versatile folding ebike. The tri-fold system underpins this footprint.

What do you mean by tri-fold?

The BF i-Ezi folding electric bike folds in 3 stages. Stage 1 is the tucking under of the rear wheel beneath the central frame and folding in of both the pedals. Stage 2 unhinges the central frame towards the handlebar stem and allows the front wheel to be repositioned alongside the central frame. Step 3 drops the handlebars and tucks the brake cabling between the front wheel and the central frame. At this stage, the whole bike can be enclosed in its tough nylon cover for transporting or storage, the bike can be wheeled using luggage wheels at the rear to save your back or to meet regulations for not riding and the seat post can be removed to minimise the overall footprint.
The tri-fold system sounds complicated but it is easily mastered, is helped with a selected strap and can be viewed as a video on YouTube

Your 20" folding electric bikes look very different to the 16" bike. What are the main differences for a rider?

The BF ezi-Step is a 20" wheel folding electric bike which appears more traditional than the BF i-Ezi.
Firstly, there are many similarities between the BF ezi-Step and the BF i-Ezi: both have a 250W motor and 3-speed internal Shimano Nexus gearing, a 36V 10.4Ah battery powered by Shimano cells and double walled wheel rims with an aluminium frame. Both our 16" BF i-Ezi and the 20" BF ezi-Step have front hub 250W motors.
The position of the battery influences how these bikes look. The BF ezi-Step has the battery mounted on the rear rack, enabling the design to focus on the low step-through. With the BF i-Ezi, the battery is hidden in the central frame bar resulting in a slightly higher and straighter step-through
The design of the BF ezi-Step frame also allows us to mount adult stabilisers for those who are concerned about balance and the mounting plate has been custom designed to be low-profile yet robust for even the most nervous rider. These stabilisers are not able to be connected to the BF i-Ezi
The ride style between these 2 bikes is different. I like to say that the BF ezi-Step is more sedate and traditional, while the BF i-Ezi is frisky and lively and makes you laugh! But everyone has a different view on the ride, it is a personal feel and we recommend you try both to understand what might be right for you!

Is the BF ezi-Step 2+2 suitable for people with bad knees?

The BF ezi-Step 2+2 is our most versatile electric bike. It has a very low step-through which helps if you have troubles lifting your legs. It can also be modified to reduce the movement required to pedal and engage the motor. Appropriate use of the pedal assistance system and gearing can greatly improve the comfort of the ride. It would be a great choice for someone with dodgy knees!