Commuter / road / touring electric & mechanical bikes

Commuter / road / touring electric & mechanical bikes

Beautiful but functional, a electric bike when used for commuting is a sustainable form of transport second to none.

Ride to work with ease, arrive feeling refreshed and in your usual clothes and feel like you have already had some exercise. Research has demonstrated how positive the impact on mental health a regular commute can have on your health and well-being. Start a new way to each day and enjoy the experience! Come join our community of regular commute riders. We all love it!

Commuter / road / touring electric & mechanical bikes

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Commuter Bikes FAQs

What is a commuter electric bike?

Mainly, our commuter ebikes are simple, reliable and streamlined in design and without complex suspension systems.
We know you want to get to/from work with ease, be able to store the bikes at end of trip facilities or under your desk

What is the key difference between a commuter and a trekking or mountain ebike?

Essentially you can ride any ebike for commuting but many choose not to run commuter bikes with complex dual suspension designs
Reliability is critical but also you want an ebike which may not stand out too much, if security while storing the bike is an issue

What makes a good electric bike for commuting?

Reliability both in the mechanical and electric components. You want to get to work on time, to arrive safely and to know you have enough power to get back home

Are all commuting electric bikes full size?

Definitely not. We have many people who ride our smallest folding ebikes to work as they can simply store them under or next to their desk without impacting anyone else

Can commuter bikes be taken on the train?

Our folding electric bike, the BF i-Ezi, is small enough and able to be covered so is approved for use on peak-hour train travel.
Full-size commuting bikes may not be permitted onto peak-hour public transport. Always check your local laws before attempting to travel during peak hour

Can you use commuter electric bikes on all roads?

Unlike electric scooters which may not be able to be ridden on roads signed 60km/hr or above, commuter electric bikes can be ridden on all roads signed for bike riders and on shared pathways and cycleways
Always check your local and State laws to ensure you are familiar with any restrictions associated with riding electric bikes