BF eBikes stocks a wide range of batteries and chargers.

Batteries - what we need to know:

  • Rack mount (Panasonic, i-Tri Euro, Aigeni, Pedego, TEBCO)
  • Concealed (in frame)
  • Frame mount (silverfish, kettle, waterbottle, side entry cube, brand specific)
  • Seat post mount (Frog)
  • SLA (sealed lead acid)

Best thing to do if you are seeking a replacement battery is to send us some photos and dimensions and we can confirm the model required.

Please note that we are not always able to help you with old bike models using batteries which are no longer able to be purchased in Australia. BH batteries are often very difficult for us to support. Contacting BH in Spain may be a better course of action. Sorry but it is out of our control.


Chargers - what we need to know:

  • Voltage output (e.g.36V, 24V, 48V)
  • Amperage output (e.g. 10.4Ah, 8Ah, 14Ah)
  • Battery type (e.g. Li-ion, SLA, NiMH)
  • Plug type (e.g. DC 2.1, RCA, XLR)
  • Home (240V) or in-car (12V) option


Batteries FAQs

Do you repack batteries?

Unfortunately, we do not have insurance cover to be able repack battery cells into the existing battery case. Our insurer considers this too high risk to underwrite so we are able to offer this service. We can supply replacement batteries and chargers.

Can you tell me if you stock a replacement battery for one which has died?

We strongly recommend that you review the range of lithium ion batteries listed on our website. We have taken a range of photos for each battery we can supply and included dimensions for your comparison. If you think your battery is similar to one on our website, we may be able to help. Even if it is close, sometimes we can change the cradle or even the rack to make a similar battery work with your bike.

My battery is fully charged as the light is green but my bike won't work. Can you tell me what is wrong?

Often a failed battery will present as fully charged when in fact it is no longer working. Please arrange for the battery to be tested on our specialist equipment so we can confirm whether the battery is still healthy.

Can I bring my charger in for testing?

Yes, we can check both chargers and batteries in our workshop

What do I need to do before I bring my battery in for testing?

Please always remove the battery from the bike. Fully charge the battery (as best you are able) and if possible bring the battery with the charger to the shop. If the battery is not fully charged, it may take 4-5 hours before we can test your battery.

Can I leave my battery with you overnight?

We prefer customers to take their batteries home with them overnight. If we don't know the brand of battery in your bike, we may ask you remove it from the bike while we perform other repairs or servicing. Hope that you don't take offence but we do need to protect our stock!