Basil Accessories

Basil Accessories

Brisbane's largest collection of Basil bicycle accessories at our Lutwyche shop

We recognise that cycling is not just about the bike but also about personalising your ride to suit your own style. We have introduced an extensive range of Basil products which are now on display at our new shop. The range includes bags, baskets, bells, pet carriers and so much more!

We may not have all our range on the website as it is constantly changing. Best to come into the store and if possible bring your bike so we can perfectly match the accessories to your style, budget and bike.

Basil is a Dutch brand of cycling accessories which is recognised for its quality and innovative design worldwide. We bring the Dutch style for carrying goods on your bike to the Australian market and have a range better than any other store.
Blind Freddy Electric Bikes committed to offering the range to bring to our customer base the options to accessorise their bikes with flair and style not often seen in Australia. 
The brand offers themes for front and rear bags, baskets and bells along with transferable mounting adaptors to enable riders to swap their options depending on the purpose of the ride or the load to be carried. We import as well as buy from the Australian distributor so our range is not matched elsewhere.
Perfect to individualise your Lekker bike, your Kalkhoff bike, your BF Roma or any bike including small format folding bikes. Accessorise your Riese & Muller ebike with our wide selection of bags designed for standard racks, MIK mounting or Racktime rear racks. We also have a range of interesting and different bags which will fit long-tail cargo bikes including Yuba yuba, Tern and Benno
We have a range which suits Oma bikes, trekking bikes for longer trips over overnight, or your smaller framed folding ebikes which require smaller capacity panniers. Our range is SECOND TO NONE!

Basil Accessories

Basil Accessories FAQ

1. Can you buy the Dutch brand Basil here in Australia?

Blind Freddy Electric Bikes stocks a wide range of the Basil accessories in store and is continually extending and updating the range as new items become available. We love the brand quality and enjoy seeing our customers mix and match accessories to make their bike look special and individualised

2. What sets Basil cycling accessories apart from other brands?

We have found the quality of the workmanship in the bags of the Basil cycling accessory range to be exceptional. Basil take pride in their products and by making a range of products with the same design, the same colour combinations and with interchangeable adaptors for mounting on the front or rear of your bike, the range offers versatility and style

3. If I like a particular style but the colour isn’t available, can I request it?

Blind Freddy Electric Bikes continually researches product ranges and colour options. We have found sometimes that a less popular colour or design has not been imported by the Australian distributor of the brand. If you still would like this option, we are happy to place an order to Netherlands to secure the goods but do require upfront payment of a substantial deposit to cover the cost of the goods and the freight and import of the items.

4. Are all Basil bags and baskets waterproof?

Basil bags have a water rating associated with each product. Some of the range is water resistant, some is water repellent and some bags and panniers are waterproof. We try to always have some of each type in our range and we are happy to explain the differences, how this relates to our local weather and of course how the rating may relate to dust instead of water!

5. How do you connect a Basil pannier to an electric bike?

Basil panniers have a patented attachment system which is usually covered by a zipped section of the material from which the bag is made. There are usually two clips which fit over your rack and a safety bar which can be turned to offer additional security for the retention of your bag when riding. Some models also have a Velcro attachment lower down to secure to the lower section of your rack. This helps prevent the bags from flapping when riding over bumpy ground or in windy conditions.

6. Can you mount Basil products on special needs trikes?

We have experience designing and installing customised bars to enable any electric bike, trike or special needs tricycle have Basil products installed either on the front, side or rear of the bike. We strongly believe in inclusive cycling and want all our customers to have the same level of choice. Please note that some electric bikes with rear mounted batteries do not have sufficient space to enable the direct mounting of side panniers. If this is the case, you can opt for a double bag design or we can modify the rack to add an additional mounting bar. We are always happy to customise and charge on a time and materials basis for this work.

7. Which are your most popular sellers from the Basil range?

Our best sellers are from the Magnolia range. We think in part this is because you can match bell and bag or basket and combine both front and rear mounted options. Of course, it is also because this range comes in the gorgeous poppy red, teal blue, pastel powders and blackberry colour options.

For our customers who would prefer something more subtle, our best sellers are the Urban Dry black panniers which are fully waterproof and have gorgeous vegan leather trim which suits many of our range really well.

The classics which we sell equally to men and women are the black wire mesh front and rear baskets. Although cheaper imitations are available, the mounting systems (KF adaptor for the front and the MIK plate system for the rear) make the mounting and removal so easy that they outsell their cheaper counterparts. Just by looking at the design, you can see the style and quality is superior.