The Numb Bum 1 – From couch to carefree…

Day 1

Our first adventure

Our first real ride (not counting riding to bank to collect the loan docs!) From Ferny Grove Station to Samford return along the rail track. Split our time riding on a BF Fraser and a BF i-Ezi folding electric bike.

Loved how we could cruise up the inclines without breaking a sweat and arrived still fresh for breakfast coffee in Samford. Only 10km but some lovely sections where you feel you have left the city for the bush.

My legs were spinning a bit on the BF i-Ezi in some sections but wow, did it demolish the hills. A comfortable "sit up and beg" ride on the BF Fraser which felt like I was in Amsterdam not Brisbane. Some envious looks in Samford village!

Distance: 20km roundtrip | Benefits: Bush setting, reward of coffee and breakfast in Samford Village


Day 2

Assessing the commute

Took 50 mins door to door and included a section on bike track, cycleway on road and normal road. First blast from an angry motorist and note to self to report and to buy a helmet cam. Intolerance on a sunday morning. Maybe he was an england supporter after world cup final result? I think not…

Made it okay. Overtook R on the hills and he clawed back the lead on straights and downhills. Another note: try a larger wheel option. Loved it though. Arrived relatively unsweaty in a reasonable time. Took the scenic route home via road to sandgate and the new northern link bikeway. Nearly 50km roundtrip and revised the name of the blog to be “the numb bum – from couch to carefree”.