Back Rests

At EveryBody eBikes we have a range of stock backrests which can be mounted on bikes or trikes and we are also able to customise backrests to better suit the individual.

Backrest saddle

We stock on model of backrest saddle which has a base seat and integrated backrest which is positioned at a set distance behind the saddle. This limited use model is able to be adjusted for backrest panel height but is only suited to some riders.

Backrest with lateral supports – mounted onto seat post

This additional customisation item can be requested at the time of purchase of a bike or trike or added at a later date if needs change.  The unit encompasses both backrest and lateral support panels on either side, although the lateral supports can be removed if required. Laterals can swing out of the way for safe transfers. Sufficient seat post must be exposed to enable attachment to the post. This is not suitable for very short riders who require the seat height to be at the minimum level. They will require the backrest to be mounted onto a rear rack.

Backrest with lateral supports – mounted onto rear rack

When mounting onto a rear rack, the rack itself requires a specific, fabricated mounting plate especially designed for the backrest post. At everyBody eBikes, we have produced these custom mounting plates for many customers.

Backrest integrated into tricycle design

This model has a backrest already fitted in the design of the special needs tricycle. Lateral panels can be removed or moved out of the way for safe transfers. Additional panels can be added to provide support at a higher level along the torso. Structure of the backrest can be used to mount head/neck supports as well.

Supportive seating rather than saddles on semi-recumbent models

Our range of semi-recumbent tricycles are all fitted with a seat rather than a saddle which offers supportive mesh or panelled seating under the upper leg and back.

Fully supportive seating

Further modifications can be fitted to semi-recumbent seats to add lateral support panels, particularly for those riders who may have seizures or have a tendency to slide to one side.