Everybody ebikes provides help to those living with disabilities, investigating options for using Assistive Technology (AT) to make their lives easier.

Evolving from the significant increase in demand for ebikes in the community and improving awareness of the benefits to help those living with a range of conditions, the company is a specialist arm of the renowned Blind Freddy Electric Bikes business.

This website is primarily for information gathering and knowledge sharing. We aim to make is easier for you to find relevant and credible examples of how AT can be used, instances where it has improved the life of our customers and the linkages between improved mobility and positive health outcomes.

We are not medical professionals but hope that by sharing some of our experiences we can make your journey a little bit easier and demonstrate to you that many things are possible, many have trodden the path before you and many outcomes have been positive and uplifting.

What makes us different?

We try to offer every individual time:

  • Time to explain their personal goals and aspirations.
  • Time to listen to frustrations and how changes impact daily lives.
  • Time to visit in person, if possible, to trial bikes and not only see them but feel how they work with the individual’s needs.
  • Time to customise as we wholeheartedly believe that one size does not fit all.
  • Time to work with your allied health team and supporters.
  • Time to document outcomes and provide assistance, when required, to the approval process;
  • And if in-person trials are not possible, time to conduct trials remotely using photos, videos and documents which may assist you on your journey.
  • Most importantly, we take the time to offer constructive support and, we hope, empathy.

We are not your typical bike shop.

Thank you for finding everybody ebikes and please provide constructive feedback as together with you we can continually improve our content to ultimately help others.

Richard and Andrea Herklots

Co-owners, everybody ebikes